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Skip the Limo and Take a Party Bus to Prom

Skip the Limo and Take a Party Bus to Prom

Traditionally students have booked a limo to take you back and forth to their prom.  But that’s changing and party buses are becoming more popular.  They can fit a larger group of students, they are more comfortable and overall they can cost less.  Let’s look at why and how you should skip the limo and take a party bus to your prom.

You Can Have a Larger Group

A Limousine typically seats 10 people.  A party bus usually seats 20-30.  That means you have a bigger group to go with.  If you go to the prom with your friends you’re not limited to the size of your group.  Your whole graduating class can fit in a party bus.

It is Safe

You know what?  It’s just as safe as going in a limousine.  You have the same driver, so it’s the same amount of people in the same space.  Plus, it’s more comfortable.  It has room for everyone and there are no cramped quarters.  Plus you’re not fighting for a spot and you have the back window to look out at the city.

It is More Economical

While a party bus costs more you can divide the costs up among more people.  It will cost less to have 15 people sharing a party bus than it will to have 4 people splitting the cost of a limo.

Make Incredible Memories

The best part about a party bus is the bus can be decorated and there are a bunch of fun activities that you can do on the way to your prom.  You can play games, sing songs, have a contest, dance or even just sit back and relax.  The bus can go where you want it to go and it can stop for things like ice cream stands, souvenir shops, and anything else you want to check out along the way.

You can take tons of photos on the bus.  Then you’ll be able to relive your prom in the photos later.  And there’s so many cool things you can do while on the bus!

You’ll have more fun

It will be a lot more fun if everyone gets along and has a good time.

That’s why a party bus is the perfect solution for a prom. No matter what you decide on, don’t forget that a limo or party bus are not the same.  Both will get you to and from prom safely and comfortably.  It’s up to you which one you choose.